Helping Women Be Informed

A breast cancer diagnosis brings with it much uncertainty – about treatment plans, care options, your future... It can be overwhelming. To help address some of that uncertainty, BRA Day USA was formed by...

Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy, while miraculous and amazing, can also be very taxing on a woman's body, as well as her mind. Knowing that your baby's health and well-being is dependent on your own health and well-being can be a bit overwhelming...

Relief for Your Joint Pain

Fall is here and that means colder air and damper days. Unfortunately for many people this can bring an increase in aches and pains. While doctors don't completely understand why cold weather can bring an increase...

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Below the Belt: Coping with Incontinence

Although few women will talk about it openly, did you know that as many as 17% of American women are living with incontinence? Unfortunately it's true and while it can be an embarrassing...

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Nationally Recognized Stroke Care in Sacramento

When a person is
suffering a stroke, getting appropriate care as
quickly as possible is crucial. Here in the Sacramento area, we are fortunate to have world-class stroke care available nearby...

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Plan Ahead for Holiday Shopping

Given that the calendar says "October," you probably haven't given much thought to your holiday shopping yet. And while we support those who celebrate one holiday at a time, we also know that crazed feeling that happens...

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Give a Non-Sweet Treat!

Halloween is just around the
corner and while our kids are happily planning their costumes
we parents are left to figure out how we will handle...

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A Fabulous Fall Flat Bread

We are celebrating the flavors of
fall this month – with a healthy
twist, of course! This recipe would make a delicious appetizer, light lunch or dinner side dish...

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Dr. Laura Watters

As a young medical school student, Laura Watters thought her days would be spent examining brains, spines and nervous systems... Little did she know she would...

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Thanks for joining us!

What a fabulous night we had with all of you at the 7th annual Care Begins With Me! This year's event took place on Thursday, Oct. 2 at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento and it was a night to be remembered.

KCRA 3 Anchor Deirdre Fitzpatrick kicked off the evening for us as emcee, as she has every year. New York Times best-selling author Kelly Corrigan then had us all laughing – and even crying a little! – sharing her take on motherhood, family and taking care of yourself...

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