Help Your Skin Survive Summer

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Sunshine, warm breezes, long days - all the signs of summer that make us want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. But those same signs can also be tough on your skin.

Caring for your skin takes on extra importance during the summer - not just for cosmetic reasons, but also for the sake of your health and well-being.

Sun Protection: First and foremost, the importance of using sunscreen every day cannot be overstated. While you should put sunscreen on your face every day of the year, it is even more important during the summer. The sun's rays are more intense, the sun is out longer and we tend to spend more time outside. All of that adds up to more sun exposure, which in turn increases our risk for skin cancer.

While a makeup or moisturizer with an SPF is fine for everyday use, if you know you will be outside for any extended period of time, use sun protection that contains a SPF 30 with titanium or zinc oxide. Reapply every couple hours or after swimming.

Moisturizer: Another concern during the hot, dry summer months is our skin's lack of moisture. This is particularly important in arid areas like the Sacramento valley, where our humidity levels stay very low for months on end. Our skin needs moisture to retain its elasticity; when we lose moisture our skin becomes dry and wrinkling skin. As we age, our skin loses more of its natural ability to retain moisture. Help your skin out by moisturizing it twice a day.

Anti-Oxidant Protection: Much of our skin's deterioration occurs through oxidation. This process is basically the same as what happens when a metal rusts. Topical anti-oxidants, like Vitamin C serum, can protect your skin and decrease the natural side effects of this process.

Cover Up: One of the lasting effects of summertime, unfortunately, can be sun spots - those pesky beige spots of hyper-pigmentation which can show up on your hands or shoulders over time. The best way to prevent these spots is simply to cover up or stay out of the sun.

If your skin is already showing the effects of summers past, there are treatments available to help. From customized skin care products, to chemical peels, laser treatments and injectables, a dermatology professional can help you find the best solution for your skin concerns.

To learn more about products and treatment options that may help your skin, contact the Mercy Medical Group Plastic Surgery Center and schedule a free consultation today. For more information, visit their website.

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