Profile: Annette O'Donnell

The Power of Shopping: Helping Others Feel Great

Imagine spending your work day at the mall... in your favorite! For Annette O'Donnell, that dreamy sounding job is her reality. Annette works at Macy's in Westfield Galleria at Roseville as a Macy's By Appointment personal shopper.

Annette has worked in fashion for more than twenty years, with much of that time in various capacities at Macy's. She decided to move into the personal shopping role as a means to cutting back on her travel schedule and achieving a better work/life balance. The job has become the perfect fit for her. "It is really a fun and rewarding to spend your days," Annette says enthusiastically. "Every day I meet interesting people and get to be a part of their world for just a short time."

Annette says many of her clients seek her help in planning for an upcoming special occasion - a wedding, a cruise, a new job... "It honestly makes my day to be asked to be a part of what is really a huge event in their lives. I get to live vicariously through my clients."

Sometimes, it's frustration that leads shoppers to Annette. "Believe it or not, not everyone loves to shop," Annette says with a laugh. "There are plenty of people who simply do not enjoy shopping. They get overwhelmed by the selection or they don't know how to shop for their body type or where to find what they need. That's where I can help."

Annette says if a shopper can describe what it is they are looking for, she can go out into the store, find a few items that may work and bring them back for the shopper to try on in the privacy of the Macy's By Appointment dressing rooms. "We have four private fitting rooms and sometimes that can really help someone who is looking for a quiet, secluded setting. Sometimes a reluctant shopper just needs a little one-on-one attention and assistance to find something that will work for them."

Among Annette's most rewarding clients are those who have undergone a body transformation and need help shopping for their new size. "I have several clients who have lost more than 100 pounds. They need a whole new wardrobe and have no idea what fits their new size. Helping them find clothes that will help them feel great - after all their hard work - is fantastic!"

Annette once spent three hours helping a client buy everything she needed from head to toe, including bras, shoes, accessories and enough clothes to get her through two weeks of outfit changes. Of course, not every appointment is so complex. "One time a woman came to me frustrated that she could never find jeans that fit her long inseam and worked with heels. I took her measurements, went out onto the store floor and came back with jeans that fit perfectly. She was so happy!"

While having a personal shopper may sound like a luxury enjoyed only by the rich and famous, Annette's services are available to anyone at no cost! "Macy's By Appointment and our personal shopping services are simply a service provided by Macy's - free of charge and we don't earn a commission so you won't feel pressured to buy," Annette explains.

Although appointments are encouraged (the office is typically open 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.), shoppers can also drop by the Macy's By Appointment office, located on Macy's first floor, to ask for some shopping assistance, use the private dressing rooms, or just get some fashion advice. Macy's By Appointment also has a men's personal shopper. Annette hopes more shoppers will seek out her assistance. "I'm here to help, so stop by and make use of this wonderful service!"

Nordstrom at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville also offers a free personal stylist service. To learn more and to schedule an appointment, click here.

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