Together We Can
Do Hard Things:
Glennon Doyle Melton

This year at Care Begins With Me,
we are thrilled to welcome
Glennon Doyle Melton...

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A Day in the Life:
KCRA's Deirdre Fitzpatrick

It all starts with the buzzing of an
alarm clock at the unimaginable hour
of 2:15 in the morning...

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Together We Can Do Hard Things: Glennon Doyle Melton

This year at Care Begins With Me (happening Oct. 8 at the Sheraton - register here!), we are thrilled to welcome Glennon Doyle Melton as our keynote speaker. Glennon is known to women around the world as the voice and the mind behind Momastery - a blog she began several years ago which has evolved into an online community with more than 100,000 visitors daily. Glennon's essays are often heartbreakingly honest, brutally beautiful and always touched with humor. Her thoughts on motherhood, marriage, supporting each other and building community have touched hundreds of thousands of readers. Her memoir Carry On, Warrior, became a New York Times Bestseller this year.

We hope you will join us on Oct. 8 to hear from Glennon in person. In the meantime, she is sharing a few of her thoughts on life and motherhood with us here...

Question: It seems that many women, and moms in particular, struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Why do you think women feel the need to maintain an image of perfection in all aspects of their life?

Glennon: I don't struggle with inadequacy anymore. I finally understand that I'm not perfect, but I'm perfectly adequate. I screw up all the time in my personal and professional life, and so what? That's what people do. So I show up, make mistakes, rest, and then try again. That's my plan forever. I know I'm good enough to serve myself and the people I love through my imperfect mothering, wife-ing, and writing.

Question: You have shared your struggles with addiction. Is there anything you feel could have prevented that darker time in your life?

Glennon: Well, first I might suggest that she lay off the perms, Sun-In and self-tanner. Then I'd beg her to stop slathering herself with baby oil and lying out on the roof while smoking Marlboro Lights. I'd tell her it's best to focus on one cancer at a time. But I know that girl well enough to be certain that she'd ignore every bit of advice I offered. So I think I'd just give her a hug and tell her that I like her, because I really do. She participated in the breaking open of her own heart, and in the long run that has served her well. I feel fiercely protective of my young self, actually. I just love her so much and I'm proud of her.

Question: What is your favorite color?

Glennon: I live in southwest Florida, and as soon as the sun hits the Gulf of Mexico here, the sky explodes into a zillion shades of orange and purple. There is something about both of those colors together — the fiery orange mixed into the cool, comforting purple. It's yin and yang. It makes me feel balanced because that's what I need out of life: challenge and comfort.

Question: What is your favorite music?

Glennon: My favorite band of all time — forever and ever till I die — is the Indigo Girls. After 20 years of listening to them daily, I finally got to meet them this past weekend. It was awful. I geeked out completely and said something like, "I, Glennon. You, Amy. Emily. Girls. You," which would only have been helpful to them if they'd somehow forgotten their names before meeting me and needed someone to remind them. Maybe that was the case. I hope so. I'd love to have been helpful to them after all they've done for me.

You can read more from Glennon in the current issue of Kidaround Magazine, on newsstands now. Register today for Care Begins With Me, Sacramento's premier lifestyle event for women, and hear from Glennon in person.

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A Day in the Life: KCRA's Deirdre Fitzpatrick

It all starts with the buzzing of an alarm clock at the unimaginable hour of 2:15 in the morning... While most of us are just halfway through our night of sleep, Deirdre Fitzpatrick is out of bed, showered, brewing coffee and paying bills — yes, paying bills — all before she hits the road by 3:15 to head to her job at KCRA TV. "I typically will take a few minutes while the coffee is brewing and organize the kids' stuff for school, pick up the house a little, and pay a bill or two. It sounds crazy, I know, but it is really the only time quiet time I have at home."

Deirdre also manages to squeeze in some prep work for her morning newscast before she leaves the house. "I'll read several newspapers online while watching the cable news channels and a few minutes of our newscast from 11 p.m. the night before — all while stretching. It's my one chance to limber up!" Deirdre has to be prepared and updated on the morning's stories by the time she arrives at the station because part of her job involves writing much of what she reads on-air.

From 4:30 a.m. till 9 a.m., Deirdre is part of the team that anchors the news on both KCRA and My58. After the show is done, she focuses on the other part of her job — special projects and Olympic coverage. Deirdre has covered every Olympics since 2000 for Hearst Television, the company that owns KCRA. And while she makes the Olympic coverage look effortless, she says it takes many months of intense prep work. "We start working on the Olympic coverage probably six months prior. It is very time consuming to identify stories and figure out what will be interesting to the viewer."

On a good day, Deirdre wraps up that part of her job by noon... But then, as she says, she goes home to start her second job — that of wife, mother and competitive triathlete. Because working out is so important to her, Deirdre carries a trunk load of work out gear in her car and will change clothes before she even leaves the station. "I'm usually walking out of there with running gear on and pulling my hair into a ponytail! I keep makeup wipes in the car, wipe off that TV makeup and I'm off!"

For Deirdre, the key to making exercise a priority is making use of whatever time she has. "If I have an hour, I will run for 30 minutes and then turn around and run back. If my work day ends with a shoot in Rocklin, I'll ask whomever I'm interviewing if I can use their restroom when we're done and then I'll change my clothes and head out for my run right there. I make it work because exercise energizes me and makes me more effective in every aspect of my life."

After her workout, Deirdre picks up her boys from school and starts the typical afternoon routine with school age kids — snacks, homework, sports practices, dinner and bedtime — for everyone! "We follow a pretty strict routine in the evenings and our boys are usually in bed by 8 at the latest. Sadly, I'm not far behind them!"

Deirdre says part of what makes her crazy schedule work for her family is the fact that her husband is a true partner. "We have a 50/50 partnership, for sure, especially when it comes to parenting. When I leave the house at 3 a.m. he is on and it falls to him to get the kids fed, dressed and ready for school. And of course, once he drops them off then his work day begins." Deirdre and her husband recently began training for triathlons together, an activity that has provided them with some great quality couple time. "We use our date time at 7 a.m. on the weekends — I find a babysitter willing to show up early while my boys are still sleeping and then we hit the road and do our training and we're back home ready to start our day as a family. It's great!"

So how does Deirdre make her crazy schedule work? "I feel grateful to have a job that allows me the flexibility to be with my kids in the afternoon. The tradeoff of working early mornings is that I pick my kids up from school, volunteer in their classrooms and sneak in fitness as I can. I'm extremely lucky to have a supportive husband who can handle a wife who can fall asleep standing up. I consciously work at 'being in the moment' and I eliminate negativity as much as possible because it's an emotional and physical zapper."

Deirdre encourages all women to take time for themselves and make themselves a priority. "It's like when you're on a plane and the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first so that you can then help your child... If we don't take care of ourselves and fuel ourselves, then we can't care for anyone else."

That attitude is something that Deirdre has seen brought to life firsthand at Dignity Health's annual Care Begins With Me, an event she has emceed every year. "I love this event because it really feeds all the different parts of a woman — her soul, her body, her mind... And it's so much fun! Each year I am in awe of the speakers and I leave there feeling mentally challenged and refreshed." Which is good, because you know that alarm clock will be buzzing again in just a few short hours...

If you'd like to join Deirdre at this year's Care Begins With Me on Tuesday, Oct. 8, just visit our registration page. Don't miss Sacramento's premier lifestyle event for women!

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