Helping Others Plan
For Their Future:
Jack Johal

For more than three decades,
Attorney Jack Johal has been
helping families plan for their...

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A Passion for
Her Patients:
Dr. Joelle Jakobsen

Dr. Joelle Jakobsen becoming a
surgeon was a natural choice.
"I was drawn to surgery because...

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Helping Others Plan for their Future: Jack Johal

For more than three decades, Attorney Jack Johal has been helping families plan for their future. "What drives me is making a difference," Jack says. "I am in this business because I honestly want to help people."

His business is estate planning and tax law. While that may sound dry and impersonal, listening to Jack talk about his work and you will quickly realize it is anything but dry and impersonal. His passion for his work is inspiring. "I spend hours with each of my clients. We talk about their families, their relationships, their priorities... All of these subjects enable me to help them plan for their future and ensure that they have taken care of their wealth and their loved ones. Many of my clients have been with me for years - they've become friends."

Jack earned his law degree (JD) from Duquesne University and his Masters of Law in Taxation (LLM) from New York University School of Law. For more than 30 years, he has practiced law in California. He has offices in Sacramento and Carmel, with clients from the just south of the Oregon border to Los Angeles. Though his practice has grown, Jack has not lost sight of his most important priority - helping his clients. "The best feeling in the world is when a client says, 'You really helped us save money,' or 'You saved us from a lot of headaches.'"

While 50% of Jack's business is tax, business and real estate law, his true passion is estate planning. He encourages everyone - of any age - to take the time now to plan for their future. As Jack points out, it is important to note that your wealth is not just your money. It includes your home; employee benefits; property; investments; business; and life insurance - and most importantly your loved ones. "By planning your estate you arrange the disposition of your assets in the event of unfortunate circumstances," Jack explains. "This could include your death or incapacity or the death or incapacity of your spouse or your parents."

Estate plans typically include a will, a trust, powers of attorney and any other documents necessary to govern your estate. By outlining your wishes into legally-binding documents, you can ensure that your estate will be divided and dispersed as you desire and bitter, petty disputes in the courts can be avoided after your death. "Because I take the time to get to know my clients, I can help them find their voice and make their wishes known. We will go through every document, sometimes word for word, to be sure that it is exactly right and that it will carry out the client's wishes."

For Jack, attention to detail is just part of the job that he enjoys so much. He also finds time to give back to the community through pro bono work supporting local non-profit organizations. In the midst of his busy career, he managed to raise two sons of whom he is incredibly proud. "They are just great people," he says. "They are very independent and goal-oriented... They've thought about their future and worked hard toward achieving their goals." Planning for their future today - just like their dad taught them!

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A Passion for Her Patients: Dr. Joelle Jakobsen

Dr. Joelle Jakobsen becoming a surgeon was a natural choice. "I was drawn to surgery because I wanted help my patients in a concrete way," she says. "Surgery allows you to actually fix the problem - if the appendix is the problem, you take it out... If the gallbladder is sick, you remove it... It is often a quick fix, which I love."

Dr. Jakobsen, who grew up in Maryland, has been "fixing" patients in the Sacramento area for more than a decade. She attended medical school and performed her residency at Loma Linda University in Southern California, before settling down in Sacramento. She has a practice on the campus of Mercy San Juan Medical Center and is also active at the Mercy Cancer Center.

Dr. Jakobsen is Board Certified in both General Surgery and Surgical Critical Care, however she has a particular passion for her patients who are living with a breast cancer diagnosis. "They are true heroes in my eyes," she says. "Breast cancer patients go through so much - with surgery, treatment, chemo - and yet most of them continue to work and be mothers and wives. It is really remarkable. I am honored to be a part of their journey."

Dr. Jakobsen points to the team at the Mercy Cancer Center for helping to ease the difficult path breast cancer patients face. "My medical assistant is amazing - she really offers great support and help to our breast cancer patients. And the nurse navigators - they can help with appointments, insurance, support groups. The help they provide is amazing. It is a true team effort."

And Dr. Jakobsen says the entire team feels the appreciation from their patients. "We build relationships with these women. They really appreciate all that we do for them. It is so rewarding to be able to walk with them on their journey."

Over the years Dr. Jakobsen has lent her support to a variety of programs and outreach efforts that benefitted the many breast cancer programs available at Mercy Cancer Center. This has included golf fundraisers, survivors' teas, and races and walks. This kind of hands-on support has touched her patients and her staff.

In her spare time, Dr. Jakobsen enjoys being outdoors and taking advantage of the many activities Northern California has to offer, including skiing and hiking. She also recently took up yoga, something she recommends to her patients as well. "My goal is to help my patients recover. I want to make their journey as smooth as possible."

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