Arm Yourself for the Fight
Against Allergy Season

If it seems like your nose is running
and your eyes are watering a
bit more intensely this year,...

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Be a Great Gift Giver

Between Mother's Day,
Father's Day, graduations, weddings,
and the occasional birthday, spring...

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Watch Your Garden Grow!

May is the perfect month to get
your garden growing... Warm weather,
sunny skies and longer days...

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Arm Yourself for the Fight Against Allergy Season

By Asha Desai, MD

If it seems like your nose is running and your eyes are watering a bit more intensely this year, you are not alone. These classic signs of seasonal allergies seem to be hitting Northern California sufferers harder than usual. But good news - there are simple steps you can take to help minimize those symptoms.

  • Most importantly - you should try to limit your exposure to the allergens that are wreaking havoc with your body. To do this, try and stay indoors as much as possible, especially on windy days when the allergens are really stirred up.

  • While inside, keep doors and windows closed to keep allergens outside. You may also want to consider running an air purifier inside your home.

  • After spending a few hours outside, it's important to wash off the allergens to avoid continuous exposure. This is true for children, too, especially if they've spent time outside during the day. By soaping up your skin and shampooing your hair, you can remove the allergens that have built up on your body through the course of the day.

  • If you do find yourself experiencing allergic symptoms, you should take an over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamine to treat runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing.

  • If OTC antihistamines do not work, if your cough is persistent, or if your eyes continually feel gritty and irritated, see your doctor to be sure your symptoms are not due to an infection. If antihistamines aren't working or your symptoms are worsening, you may need prescription medication. If that doesn't work, your doctor may refer you to an allergist for testing.

To learn more about how Dr. Desai's can help you better manage your allergies, here. If you need help finding a primary care physician, please visit the Dignity Health physician finder.

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Be a Great Gift Giver

Between Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, weddings and the occasional birthday, spring and summer are typically jam-packed with celebrations. And with each celebration comes the task of finding and giving just the right gift.

This month our friends at Mono Mia (a fun-filled gift shop in the Arden area) are sharing some tips on making each gift extra special.

  1. For Moms: Consider a personalized gift. Whether it is a monogram on a towel or an engraved picture frame, moms will cherish something that is personalized just for her.

  2. For Dads: Men can also enjoy personalized gifts - consider barware engraved with his monogram or cufflinks with his initials.

  3. For the Graduate: Think about something that will commemorate the graduate's entry into adulthood - luggage with his or her initials or an engraved set of glasses. For a high school grad, personalization can be practical too - a monogrammed shower caddie or laundry bag would be much appreciated!

  4. For the bride and groom: Most brides love to receive a gift with their new last name emblazoned on it! Great gift ideas include photo frames, crystal or barware, sheets or towels or serveware.

  5. For the birthday girl: Girlfriends can be hard to shop for - you want to give something to let her know how special she is to you, but we usually don't want to be too extravagant. Well, consider a small gift that is personalized just for her - a bath wrap or beach bag, or a small piece of jewelry. The fact that it is personalized will show her you went the extra mile!

Of course, whatever gift you decide to give, wrapping it nicely or presenting it in a special bag will help it stand out as well. Remember, when it comes to gift-giving, it truly is the thought and time you put into selecting and presenting the gift - not the dollars spent - that matter most.

Mono Mia is offering all Care Begins With Me members a 10% discount off their purchase during the month of May - just mention Care Begins With Me! All members are automatically entered into a drawing to win a tote bag, towel wrap and matching accessories, too. The winner can bring their prize to the store for a free monogram! Visit Mono Mia at 1721 Eastern Avenue (Suite #15) at Arden Way in Sacramento.

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Watch Your Garden Grow!

May is the perfect month to get your garden growing... Warm weather, sunny skies and longer days makes for the ideal time to dig in the dirt. Just don't wait too long - here in the Sacramento Valley, our heat can kick in by early June. Here are a few tips to help your garden thrive over the next few weeks.

  • If you are starting a new garden, keep in mind that the garden should be in a spot that receives 6-8 hours of sunlight a day.

  • Ideal soil for growing vegetables is somewhere between clay (fine-textured heavy soil) and sand (coarse-textured light soil). Most vegetables need loose, crumbly soil that drains well but still hold moisture.

  • If your soil is less than ideal, consider planting in a raised bed using a high-quality potting soil mix.

  • May is a great month to plant tomato and pepper transplants.

  • If you want to plant seeds, consider planting pumpkins, beans, corn, squash, cucumbers or melons this month.

  • Corn planted in early May can be ready for harvest as early as the first week or two of July. Plant now and enjoy corn-on-the-cob by 4th of July!

  • Insects will begin to be a problem toward the end of the month. Keep a close eye on your tomatoes, where hornworms or stinkbugs can appear.

  • To eradicate insects, use your fingers to remove them from the plant and then drop them into a bucket of soapy water.

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