Top Sacramento-Area
Summer Camps

Summertime is here and for many
moms, that means a mad scramble
to find a way to keep the kids...

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Make Your Home
a Safe Home

June is National Home Safety Month
- a great time to take a few minutes
and do a few small things to make...

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Help Your Skin
Survive Summer

Sunshine, warm breezes, long days -
all the signs of summer that make
us want to spend as much time...

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Top Sacramento-Area Summer Camps

Courtesy of Kidaround Magazine

Summertime is here and for many moms, that means a mad scramble to find a way to keep the kids entertained and occupied. One traditional option is a good camp. But what camp would be best for your child? Well, lucky for us there are plenty of good choices here in the Sacramento area. Here is a list of some fun and exciting summer options - hopefully one will spark your child's interest!

Aerospace Museum Camp:

The Aerospace Museum of California introduces aviation to interested students with a hands-on summer camp. This memorable summer camp teaches a variety of aviation skills and knowledge, including aircraft basics and flight controls, traffic patterns, and the dynamics of weight and gravity. Students will also have the opportunity to visit a U.S. Coast Guard Station and each participant will take a short flight with a registered pilot.
Dates: June 10-13, June 24-27, July 8-11, August 5-8. Time 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Cost: $225 per person; space is limited to 10 students per class.
Ages: 13-17.

Arden Hills:

Summertime at Arden Hills is filled with adventure, discovery and fun! Arden Hills offers a variety of educational yet fun camps for children of all ages.

  • Kids Korner Camp: Each week has a new theme to keep your child busy while having fun. They will enjoy spending the morning playing games outdoors, swimming, educations arts and crafts and participating in various athletic activities.
    Time: Daily 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    Ages: Pee Wee campers (3-4 years) and Little Tike Campers (5-6 years).

  • Kids Zone Camp: Similar to Kids Corner Camp but it's tailored for children ages 7-12 years. KZ campers will spend the morning playing games outdoors, swimming with certified swim instructors, enjoying educational projects and much more.
    Ages: 7-12. Call 916-480-1165.

Bayside Breakaway Kids Camps:

Children from first through sixth grades will be traveling under the sea, having awesome adventures while they enjoy arts and crafts, recreation, story time, and of course, friends. Kids will spend time doing hands-on activities while learning how awesome God is. Small groups will be organized by grade, each with about 10 children and two leaders. Boys and girls will be mixed in groups for first through fourth, but separated for fifth and sixth grades. For dates, pricing and locations:

Buzzardball Basketball Camp:

Steve Buzzard has been running basketball camps for boys and girls for 18 seasons. The Buzzardball Summer Basketball Camp runs in weekly stints from mid-June through August. Boys and girls will learn about teamwork, cooperation, leadership skills and sportsmanship. There are four kinds of camps for children from preschool to eighth grade. The weeklong camp ends with an all-star basketball tournament. Register at

Country Day Kidz Klub Camp:

There are several ways to enjoy Summer Camp at Sacramento Country Day School (SCDS). Sign up for Kidz Klub Camp - morning, afternoon or full day - and then sign up for specialty classes like painting, cooking, baseball, fairytales, martial arts, Glee Club, and much more. The SCDS seven-week summer program offers sports clinics, classes and camp for pre-kindergarten through 11th grade students. Kidz Klub is for campers looking for long-term summer care or occasional drop-in care. For more information:

Discovery Museum Science & Space Center::

Camp Discovery combines innovative science projects, creativity challenges, outdoor games and of course, fun! The curriculum revolves around central themes such as space, nature and general science. All of their science activities are based on recommendations from the National Science Education Standards and the California State Guidelines for Science Education and are taught by experienced, professional staff educators. For dates and times, visit or call 916.808.3942.

Fairytale Town Educational Camps:

Fairytale Town offers more than 15 exciting and innovative educational camps for children ages 4-12 years. Each weeklong camp is designed for a specific age group and features a unique theme, including visual and theatre arts, literature, puppetry, animals, gardening and more. For more information:

First Tee Golf Camp:

From tots to teenagers, First Tee has summer camp programs that are sure to get kids in the swing of things. Most camps are four days long and, depending on the age of your child, range from 1 1/2 hours to 5 hours per day. Coaches keep the kids active and enthusiastic about golf while playing games and activities appropriate for their attention span and skill level. The emphasis is on having fun while learning how to play the game of golf. Clubs are available. For more information:

Maren Conrad Art Star Camp:

Founded and led by local artist Maren Conrad, the Summer Art Star program focuses on children ages 4-11 and helps them reach their artistic potential through various courses. Rail Bridge Cellars is partnering with Conrad and will open up their penthouse lounge for the summer program. Registration is now open. With only 20 spots per week, they are filling up fast. Dates: Weekly June 17 - August 29. For more information:

St. Michael's Summer Camp:

Open to Sacramento-area students entering first through fifth grades in the fall. Classes and activities are focused on art, theatre and science, and are intended to be enriching and rewarding. A snack break is included. The goal is to offer children fun, exciting and meaningful learning experiences over their summer break.
Time: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - Noon.
Cost: $165 per session.
For more information contact Jessica Sommerdorf at or 916.835.4664.

This month all Care Begins With Me members are automatically entered into a drawing to win one week of camp (for one child) at the Maren Conrad Art Star Camp. The winner can choose from any of the dates listed.

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Make Your Home a Safe Home

June is National Home Safety Month - a great time to take a few minutes and do a few small things to make your home safer for your family. Here are a few tips to get you started...

This month our friends at Mono Mia (a fun-filled gift shop in the Arden area) are sharing some tips on making each gift extra special.

Fire Safety

  • Change the battery in your smoke detectors once a year. Replace the entire detector every 10 years.

  • Smoke detectors should be on every floor in your home (including basement) and outside each bedroom.

  • Make sure your kids are familiar with the sound of the alarm and what it means.

  • Plan your family's fire escape route and make sure each member of the family knows where to go.

  • Purchase and test home fire extinguishers. (To test, spray it into a confined space like a waste basket.)

Fall Prevention

  • Secure electrical and phone cords out of high traffic areas

  • Watch out for small throw rugs ? either remove them or use non-skid mats to keep them from slipping

  • Check entryways and stone paths for cracks or uneven surfaces

Poison Prevention

  • Never tell your child medicine is "candy" in an attempt to get them to take it; this can backfire and lead to an overdose if your child ever finds the medicine unsupervised

  • Put medicine and vitamins away in a secure spot every time after use

  • After using medicine or vitamins, listen for the "click" when you replace the lid

  • Ask houseguests to keep purses or bags that contain medicines out of reach of your children

To learn more about keeping your children safe, whether at home, on the road or in the water, visit Safe Kids Worldwide for helpful tips. Mercy San Juan Medical Center is proud to be the lead agency for Safe Kids of Greater Sacramento.

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Help Your Skin Survive Summer

By Dedra Bouchard, Mercy Medical Group Plastic Surgery Center

Sunshine, warm breezes, long days - all the signs of summer that make us want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. But those same signs can also be tough on your skin. Caring for your skin takes on extra importance during the summer - not just for cosmetic reasons, but also for the sake of your health and well-being.

Sun Protection:

First and foremost, the importance of using sunscreen every day cannot be understated. While you should put sunscreen on your face every day of the year, it is even more important during the summer. The sun's rays are more intense, the sun is out longer and we tend to spend more time outside. All of that adds up to more sun exposure, which in turn increases our risk for skin cancer. While a makeup or moisturizer with an SPF is fine for every day use, if you know you will be outside for any extended period of time, use sun protection that contains a SPF 30 with titanium or zinc oxide. Reapply every couple hours or after swimming.


Another concern during the hot, dry summer months is our skin's lack of moisture. This is particularly important in arid areas like the Sacramento valley, where our humidity levels stay very low for months on end. Our skin needs moisture to retain its elasticity; when we lose moisture our skin becomes dry and wrinkling skin. As we age, our skin loses more of its natural ability to retain moisture. Help your skin out by moisturizing it twice a day.

Anti-Oxidant Protection:

Much of our skin's deterioration occurs through oxidation. This process is basically the same as what happens when a metal rusts. Topical anti-oxidants, like Vitamin C serum, can protect your skin and decrease the natural side effects of this process.

Cover Up:

One of the lasting effects of summertime, unfortunately, can be sun spots - those pesky beige spots of hyper-pigmentation which can show up on your hands or shoulders over time. The best way to prevent these spots is simply to cover up or stay out of the sun.

If your skin is already showing the effects of summers past, there are treatments available to help. From customized skin care products, to chemical peels, laser treatments and injectables, a dermatology professional can help you find the best solution for your skin concerns.

Whatever skin issues you would like to address, the team at Mercy Medical Group Plastic Surgery Center can help you select the best treatment option for you. All summer, we will be offering $39 facials and a free Elta MD Daily or Clear sunscreen (value $25) to Care Begins With Me members - just mention the keyword "sunscreen" when you call! To schedule your facial, call 916.536.2400.

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